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Pet Portrait Commissions 
I love capturing the character and true likeness of animals.
If you would like a special piece of art to capture your much loved pet, please contact me for a quote for a personalised commission.
I work from your photo(s). To make sure the end result is an accurate representation I need the best possible photos to work from.

Photo tips:

  • Detail is import, the clearer and more defined the photo the more realistic the end result will be.

  • Think about lighting. Photos taken by daylight and without flash capture the most accurate colors.

  • Take the photo on eye level with your pet. Photos taken from above or below can distort the proportions.

Bernard WM.jpg
Ginny photo.png
Ginny WM.jpg
Possum - Otto WM.jpg
Fluffy Cat WM.jpg
Horse Bert WM.jpg
Cheshire Cat WM.jpg
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